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    It start with the taking up from home to the car rental. They will arrive in 10 minutes, but it was 30..

    Than, after the contract was signed, we leave with a half puncture. They fixed it, but a few days later, it was a real puncture. We drive to the car rental after their break, one o clock, but nobody was there. So checked for the reserve wheel. This wheel was totally damaged and not working, so we wait for an half hour again because we cant do anything and there was still novody, till the workers came. They fixed the puncture and we drive away (the fixing of the puncture was positive).

    But than.. The day before bringing the car back, we have a message from the car rental to bring the car back at half past 10.

    In the morning, ill take a walk in arikok park, and lost the way. So i send a message to the speed car rental, and 11.15 in morning i arrived.

    They were angry, and i must pay, because in the contract, i must be there at half past 9. I told them about the message and try to show it but they wouldnt like to see the message and the only thing they say was: look to the contract, the contract tells it. So i ask them if they had the message i send in the morning about the walk. No they had’nt. That person was leaving to holiday, exactly today. When i looked on whatsapp; the person who was leaving, has send me a message at 10:15. So, i dont believe that she was not at work…

    But i still pay monetly for one hour, only the story wont stop.

    She told me, that she cant bring me back to my adress because she was alone there. So i must walk some several kilometers on the hottest hour of the day. When i walk outside, i see someone was still working. So what she told me was even not true..

    So my review is very bad.. sorry for that.

    The car was nice and the rent was cheap. That was positive

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